Saturday 22nd of June: Technique Training with Mark Croxall: How hard can you really climb…?!

Having competed for 10 years on the International circuit, mark is one of the most accomplished climbers and coaches in the country.

Mark runs sessions for up to 2 climbers at a time.  During your session you can either work on a general nip ‘n’ tuck of your climbing style or look to improve on specific elements within your climbing.  Mark is also our route-setter so can provide you with vital information on how to unlock the sequences on particular routes.

Whether you’re new to climbing, having recently completed a Beginner’s Climbing Course, or you’re a rock star in the making – Mark can assist you in discovering what’s holding you back and advise on how to keep seeing improvements after the session.

Mark says: “People are always surprised at how much progress they can make in just an hour long session.  It’s great that just a few adjustments to technique and body position can have such a positive effect.  It really can make the difference as to whether they get the next hold or fail.  The key however, is maintaining those skills after the session which is something I’m always keen to encourage by suggesting exercises and session plans which will mean their climbing will go from strength to strength.”

Mark’s sessions are available as follows:  (Prices are £40.00 for a 1:1 session and £55.00 for a 1:2 session)

Saturday 22nd of June 2013 – Guildford:






For more information or to make your booking, please call us on 0844 880 8866.

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