Welcome to Craggy Island Bouldering and Caving Centre – Sutton South London

At Craggy we are dedicated to providing you with the very best indoor bouldering experience – whether you are a pro, a complete beginner, or anywhere between – indoor climbing doesn’t get better than this!

Bouldering is a unique, fun, sociable activity – an extreme sport undertaken in a comfortable environment – it really is a genuine new way to keep fit. The ultimate stress buster – you won’t worry about life’s nitty gritty¬†when bouldering at Craggy Island, you’ll be hell bent on reaching that next hold – focused on getting to the top.

With its 3 separate rooms – the cave room, with its extensive caving system for subterranean adventurers has numerous chambers and passageways to explore – the rock room, containing 100 boulder routes and the sculpted grit, slate and limestone features – the competition room, with 100 boulder routes on a variety of angled walls from slabs to very steep overhangs – all set by some of the worlds top climbers, you’ll never tire of Craggy Island.

Welcome to the friendly wall.